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Rapid Fire Controller -- THE EASY WAY

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PostSubject: Rapid Fire Controller -- THE EASY WAY Fri Nov 14, 2008 7:43 pm

This tutorial will show you how to mod your Xbox 360 wireless controller to give it rapid fire abilities. It is undetected by Xbox Live, but it is really cheap and can be noticeable by your opponents. This mod DOES NOT require a microcontoller and is the easiest way to give your controller rapidfire functionality. Keep in mind it is for the Xbox 360 ONLY and can be used with any game that uses the right trigger (RT) as the button to shoot. (Call of Duty 4, Halo 3, etc.) I tried to make this tutorial for noobs so, it is very long and detailed. Enjoy!

You will be soldering small parts, so be sure to have some soldering experience. If you're new to soldering, there are many tutorials on youtube that show you the basics, and you can practice before you attempt this mod. Its not an incredibly difficult mod, but it can be if you dont take your time. I take no responsibility for your choices made to mod your controller.

Item List:
-thin wire
-momentary switch (make sure it is small enough to fit in your controller)
-security torx t8 screwdriver (or you can use a small flathead because the middle pin is weak)
-low wattage soldering iron
-rosin core solder
-drill w/ drillbit big enough for button
-hot glue gun (not necessary, but extremely useful)
-flux (optional, and can be helpful)

*This mod does not work on the newer Wireless CG version of board*
You can tell by checking where the MS Logo is on the PCB. So to find out you have to open the controller. If its in the middle, then you MIGHT be of luck! If you still want to try then continue reading.

Opening the Controller:

1.) Remove all seven screws using the torx screw or the flat head.

2.) Flip the controller over so the button side is facing the surface youre working on and lift the bottom of the controller. Doing this will keep all the buttons in place.

3.) You now should have this:
This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 800x1140.

*Ignore the red text as it doesnt really concern this tutorial.*

4.) You should now see where the MS Logo is on the PCB. In the picture above, the logo is on the bottom right, meaning that it can be modded! If you don't see the logo or have any confusion, then continue on this tutorial to step 1 in the next section.

Wiring the Controller:

1.) It is easier to work if you remove the controller out of the plastic case, *but for those of you who are unsure of the logo, leave the controller in the case so that you can see the PCB and proceed to step 1a.* (This is just so that if it doesnt work, you can put it back together easily.)

1a.) Place the battery pack inside of your controller.

1b.) Grab the rubber part that is used for the middle X button. You can find it in the other half of your controller (its the one that IS NOT a circle shape)

1c.) We are now going to turn on the control, so line it up so that black dot on the rubber is touching the black contacts on the PCB.

1d.) Your controller should now turn on, but if it doesnt, then make sure that the rubber is facing the right way. REMEMBER, you should not be able to see the black part on the rubber or on the PCB.

1e.) Load a game that uses the R button because we are now going to test the rapid fire in a temporary environment.

1f.) Get a piece of wire, and touch one end to the middle pin on the right side of the controller (shown in the image one step down). HOLD THAT THERE!

1g.) Now while you are holding that down, touch the other end of the wire to the left side if LED 1. (shown below)

1h.) If you did this correctly, then your controller should fire rapidly. If this didn't work for you, then try again and remember to touch the wire to BOTH SPOTS AT THE SAME TIME. If you are sure you did it correctly, and it doesn't work, then your controller might not be compatible.

2.) Ok. Back to modding. Once you have confirmed that it will work, then solder the wires to the correct locations as shown in the image above. You should only be using 2 wires to connect one to the middle pin and the other to the LED. If necessary, hot glue the connections to prevent them from being accidentally pulled.

3.) Now you can route your wires to the back of your control, and make sure that they fit snugly. Also make sure that the rubber pieces for the middle X button fits in place, because if you were sloppy with the soldering, the wire might be in the way of the rubber.

4.) Drill a hole on the back of the controller case, and make sure that it is big enough for your button.

5.) Mount your button in the hole and secure it in place with hot glue, but make sure not to get glue on the metal leads.

6.) Once the button is in place, you can now solder the two wires onto the button. Each wire should be on its own lead. If your button has more than 2 leads, thats fine, just make sure that it is a momentary switch and that each wire is on its own lead.

7.) Mount the PCB back into the plastic case, but do not put the front cover on yet. Put your batteries into the control, fire up a game, and make sure that your button works. If it does, than proceed to the next section.


1.) Re-assembly is pretty straight forward. You should already have the PCB mounted to the back cover.

2.) Flip the controller over and start to insert the joysticks into the holes on the other half of the controller. This gets pretty tricky, but you will line it up eventually.

3.) Make sure that the rumble motors are placed in the slots properly.

4.) Everything should now fit snugly and smoothly with no force.

5.) Reinsert the screws and have fun with rapid fire!
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Rapid Fire Controller -- THE EASY WAY

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