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Guide for Elite X360 - Flashing Your Drive / Repla

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PostSubject: Guide for Elite X360 - Flashing Your Drive / Repla Sat Nov 15, 2008 9:50 pm

This is for people like me who have elites now little different

The Elite X360 will come with either a Hitachi v78, Hitachi v79 or a Benq6038. Only the first can be easily hacked or replaced as of now (may 1st, 2007). As soon as info is available on the v79 or benq it will be posted here at XS, there are currently no planned date for a hack on either drive*.

Flash your v78
For those with a v78, you can flash it with Maximus Xtreme v1.6 Firmware for Hitachi-LG v0078 using the Maximus 360 Firmware Toolbox v3.1B. More information on how to flash throughout that thread (special look at post 49) and in Textbook Tutorial. Note that SIL chipset are known to be unreliable to dump v78 firmware and some people have problem with via6421 PCIcard.

Changing your v78 drive by a samsung
Some may prefer the features of a samsung drive and are planning on replacing their Elite drive. You can only change your drive by another model if you can obtain its key, which at this point is only feasible with the v78. Follow the instruction in the post mentioned above (only step 1-7) or the textbook tutorial to dump the firmware in the v78. It is a good idea to do it more than once to ensure the key is always the same biggrin.gif . Make a copy of that firmware and call it keyfw.bin.

Now follow the steps in How To Replace By A Samsung Drive, Also How To Spoof, Flash
You will need to use a USB memory stick (or floppy, or ntfs4dos) with the appropriate mtkflash on it. You can look at the Quick Tutorial: Xtreme Boot Maker 5.3 Rc1 And 3.6 to prepare your USB key. Same recommendations as in the Textbook Tutorial, you should disconnect all other Sata and IDE device while you extract or flash. You will need a VIA Sata card/chipset if you have a samsung ms28 or one of the chipset in the compatibility list of Textbook tutorial if you have a ms25.
Following is an adapted method for a v78:

1. Making your replaced.bin (in Windows) Extract from xtreme53.rar the firmware you want (Xtreme53X.bin where X=A,B,C,D)** to a directory and rename it to replaced.bin
2. Open keyfw.bin in FW toolbox and do ctrl-c on the key (copy to clipboard)
3. Open replaced.bin in FW toolbox and do ctrl-v to insert the key in the field hit 'Replace Key'
4. Go in Tool / Spoof Firmware / select 'v78'/Hit 'Apply Spoof'
5. Close and reopen replaced.bin to make sure that it is identified with its proper Model (v78) and that the key is present. Copy the replaced.bin to your USB key.

Flashing your replaced.bin
6. Connect you PC sata cable to the X360 Drive (some have to do this after step 7)
7. start your x360 and pc to the dos prompt (using the USB key)
8. type mtkflash w /m /sata replaced.bin
9. list of port will appear (if your mtkflash is correct)
10. Only if you have a ms28: power down your x360
11. select the port on your PC,
12. Only if you have a ms28: then count to 10 (try different count) and power your x360
13. the pc will flash the firmware to the drive (it will show the 4 banks being flashed)

To verify that it was flashed, you can use the same steps with mtkflash r /m /sata verif.bin, and compare verif.bin to replaced.bin using (Hex editor, or crc32 in a zip file or winrar...)

You could also replace your drive v78 drive by another Hitachi. Not sure I see the value in this, but if you want to do it then all steps are defined in How To Replace A Hitachi Drive, How To Flash & Spoof To A Different Model starting at post number 10.

* Note 1: the v79 can be hacked by some specialist who will desolder a chip on the drive, program and resolder it.
** Note 2: It is extremely important with FW toolbox that you start with the generic firmware files (those called Xtrem53a.bin, Xtrem53b.bin, Xtrem53c.bin, or Xtrem53d.bin) and not the version specific files (53x-htyy.bin like the 53b-ht78.bin). In order to enter the key at the proper location in the firmware, FW toolbox must spoof the firmware itself. The version specific files (53x-ht78.bin) are already spoofed to v78 and will cause Fwtoolbox to enter the key at the wrong place. If you want to use these file use an hex editor as per the following tutorial.

Hope It Helps
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Guide for Elite X360 - Flashing Your Drive / Repla

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